Filling The Broken Mold


Galleri Ping-Pong, 2020

“Breaking the mold" stands for destroying or abandoning the previous way of doing things, to build something entirely new and unique. 

But what if we linger by the rubble of the old mold, pick up the pieces and look at them from new, different angles, without nostalgia. Maybe we can learn something from the ruins of the past.

I want my art to exist on multiple places in time simultaneously. An echo from history mixes with contemporary voices and creates a new state of mind. With one foot in art history and one in the present, one in figuration and one in abstraction, as artifacts from an undefined history, I want the images to feel familiar. The work asks us to look within ourselves for the missing pieces.

Maybe it leaks a little from the cracks in our mold when we’ve pieced it together again, in a new way, and filled it. Maybe it's the cracks that tell the story.