Artist Statement


In my oil paintings I try to balance traditional figurative painting with surreal and abstract elements to create a space somewhere between reality and dream where I can study the world from a distance. I’m interested in the creation of identity, both in larger groups and individuals. Whether it’s about norms, traditions, race or gender, the human search for self is one of my main subjects when I create, my work often examining and questioning restrictions in different social contexts.




Niklas Asker was born 1979 in Nordingrå, Sweden.

He has studied art at Konstskolan Kuben and Örebro Konstskola in Örebro where he graduated in 2001. After art school, following another path than most of his classmates, he choose to studie at Malmö Comics Art School and worked in the international comics scene for 8 years. In that time his own graphic novel Second Thoughts has been published in 6 different languages and he has done work for a number of different publishers, including Random House Books in New York. Ha has also worked as a freelance illustrator with clients all over the world.


In 2009 the opening of Niklas firs solo show at Silverberg Gallery in Malmö marked a change in his personal work. He started painting again and after being accepted into the Liljevalchs Spring Salon in 2011 and 2012 he started exhibiting regularly in Sweden and Abroad. He has also worked with public commissions, the largest one decorating a 240 m2 tunnel in Vellinge.